A business with consistent sales can create a world of choices and freedom.

Let me show you how to build one.

A business with consistent sales can create a world of choices and freedom.

Let me show you how to build one.

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Featured In:

Consistently selling your services doesn’t need to feel like a struggle.

In fact quite the opposite. I show women my step by step proven system to consistently generate new clients.

Do you want to know exactly how to acquire new clients who are glad to pay your rates and work with you? Do you find getting new customers to be an aspect of your business that leaves you feeling anxious and overwhelmed because you don’t have a clue where to start or what to do? 
Does talking about how much you charge send you into a tremble fearing you will lose the opportunity because they will say no? How would it sound to charge what you are worth and have a proven roadmap to generating as many clients as you desire at a speed that meets your income goals?

And how about running your business in a way that lets you live your life however you want to, from wherever you want to with? 

Client Testimonials

What my clients have to say about me.

Vicki O

"Rebecca is an exceptional coach. She is completely client focused. She works with you and your own set of unique barriers to get you the results you desire. She will go that extra mile to help you uncover what may be holding you back and put strategies in place to overcome it. If you are looking to grow your business and rid yourself of the stories you hold onto that keep you small, then Rebecca is the coach to work with."

- Business Coach & Money Mindset Expert

Kate McCavana

"Rebecca is one of the most exceptional coaches I have had the pleasure of working with, and I have already achieved seen the benefits - both professionally and personally - from our work together. I would recommend her in a heart beat."

- Transformative Teacher, Mentor & Coach

About You

You thought picking out a business idea, getting the qualifications and doing the training would be enough along with becoming a good coach but it turns out that that’s just the start.

You find yourself sat at your desk again spending another day trying to do something to get some new clients through the door but the truth of it is that you don’t know where to start and what you have done so far hasn’t worked.

You are not interested in gaining another certificate, degree or awards. You want to see real business results: new clients, self-improvement and success. You want to attract clients who are ready to work with you now and don’t delay their decision making.

You want a simple process to gain new clients which is predictable and produces results on demand and you want to be able to comfortably have conversations with clients about your fees. You want people to commit to you on your calls rather than leave you in limbo with a maybe/maybe not. And you want to increase your prices and charge what you are worth, enabling you to make more money with less drama.

You have a HUGE desire for more, And up until now it wasn’t coming quick enough.

Richard Pavlou

"As someone who absolutely and wholeheartedly believes that there is no more important area of your business than Business Development and Lead Generation, it would naturally follow that the ability to generate leads and sales would be one of the most important Skills you could possess. Put simply, this is exactly what Rebecca brings to your business and to individuals within it, and she does so with a passion, dedication and sheer effort that is quite literally transformational, and all whilst maintaining the highest possible standards of integrity and credibility. To illustrate, if you think of the old saying: "If you give a man a fish he will feed his family for a mealtime, but if you give him the ability to catch fish he will feed them for a lifetime!" This is exactly what Rebecca does, its not about leads which have a limited benefit, its about the ability to generate them which is limitless! I would recommend a call or a meeting with Rebecca to anyone who would like to be self sufficient in their Business Development."

- Managing Director at Stone Technical Services Group Ltd

Hey, I'm Rebecca,

I show women the exact road map to generating clients consistently ( with minimal tech!). If you are interested in generating new clients using a method that is both predictable yet simple feel free to get in touch. I started out where you are now. Sat at my kitchen table spending yet another day looking for new business and finishing again disappointed with no success. 

I tried every latest trend, every new social platform, funnel and ad campaign with nothing to show for it.

I decided it surely didn’t need to be this difficult and made it my absolute mission to find a way that women like us could run their business around their life and family commitments and never worry about making a sale again. 

Today I work with incredible women around the globe and am lucky enough to be able to do so from anywhere in the world all whilst being a full time mum.

Rebecca Patterson

Health Practitioners & Coaches

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